After Loosing All My Life Savings To Failed Businesses, Scammers & Ponzi Schemes

I Moved From Zero Account Ballance To Making Over $35,000  Doing Internet Marketing

And I’ve Decided To Show You Exactly How I And My Students Influenced The Internet Banking From ₦300,000 To ₦1,000,000 Every Month With The Help Of An Optimum Income Generator Course

You Are Lucky You Had Access To This Page, Because I’ve Made Everything + This Money Making System Simple And Simplified For You To Learn, Understand And Replicate


Olaade Made Over 190K In A Week

Oluwasegun Made Over 300k in a Week

Even as a Newbie Jacob Was Able to get himself a Smartphone

Clare Made 30k in A Week Even As A Complete Newbie

Ezekiel A Newbie Made 70k In A Week

Wisdom Makings Sales



I Wont Blame you If You’re Skeptical This Looks to Real to Be True

But Give Me Little Of Your Time i Will Clear every bit Of Doubt In You

I want you to focus intently on every word on this page right now.

You’re going to learn about a brand-new universe that most people are unaware of in the coming minutes.

In a world where regular people with only a smartphone and an internet connection can lawfully earn as much as N150k a week or even N600k a month, such as students, youth corp members, workers, small business owners, stay home mum and Dad

And the reason for this is a straightforward money-making Machine called the OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR

One Good Thing About The OIG Course is that It Will Work For You


➽ You Are A Complete Newbie To The Internet Space

➽ You Have tried running a business online but failed severally.

➽ You have Never sold Anything Online Before

With this money-making machine, known as the OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR, there are only three easy stages to earning money as quickly as possible. Before We discuss these three Stages.

Like many others who are already making N30k, N100k, N250k, or even N450k every week, you too can start making that much money.

Here, you Decide what you Want to Earn Weekly

The Truth Is If i Want To Put Out Some Testimonials Here, they will Look Too Unrealistic Because How Can You Explain That A Young University Student Stays in His Lodge and Makes Over 1 Million Naira In a Week From His Smartphone?

Now You’re Surprised Because It Sounds Stupid Saying Such In A Country Like Nigeria

But Let Me Shock you

Meet Joshua Ndukwe, a Young Nigerian Who Became A Millionaire At 16, A Car Owner At 17 and Has Travelled To Two Countries, Because He Grabbed This Business Model i’m about To Present To You

Meet Afoma Miracle, a Young Nigerian Who Became A Millionaire From This Same Business Model

Imagine Yourself Earning Over N500K Weekly Or Monthly Online

Or Imagine Yourself Earning Over N300k Weekly

Imagine you Becoming Financially Free being Able to Spend 1.8 Million Naira On Your Dream Phones


Imagine Earning Your 6 Months Salary In A Week, You Can imagine how sweet life will become

You Will Be Earning Figures in a Week What most people make in a month or even a year.

As you pay close attention to the information here, you too will be able to start making money with the Money Making Machine Called The Optimum Income Generator Program within minutes from now from anywhere In The World.

The good thing about this OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR is how it removes the major complications that make it difficult for people to make money online.


➽ You don’t need a laptop.

➽ You don’t need to register a business.

➽ And you don’t need any special business skills.

The only things you need to start making money are your smartphone and the OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR PROGRAM you are going to learn about.

This Money Making System Known As The OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR Is For You If:

You are a struggling entrepreneur who wants a proven way to generate income while working on your business.

You are an employee who wants more income.

You are a tertiary school student or youth corper ready to start life.

As a matter of fact, many of the people who now make over N300k a week with this system are young people.

There are two reasons why this OIG COURSE works for those who use it.

➽ The first reason is that it capitalizes on the fact that practically everyone with a smartphone utilizes WhatsApp and does so frequently.

➽ The second reason it works is that it allows you to leverage other people’s skills and resources, so you don’t have to perform all of the work or start from beginning.

In Few Minutes Let Me Tell You More About this OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR and how this Business Model can change your life …. So Pay Attention

My name is Prince Udoh.

You might have heard about me from any of my 3,000+ students

You may recognize me from Twitter, where I give useful information to assist solopreneurs in increasing their revenue.

I Started Making Money Online Steadily Since From 2021

That was around two years ago.

I Did Over $35,000 in 24 Months

During this time, I also taught many others how to do the same.

Many of them are now doing well now.

In reality, none of this matters.

What is important right now is the knowledge I am providing you and what you intend to do with it.
Let me begin by explaining how this money-making machine known as the OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR came to be.

After Wasting All My Life Savings On Failed Business And On Scammers I discovered that the simplest method for a beginner to begin earning money online is through a business model known as Affiliate Marketing.

In case you are hearing that for the first time, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model where you help people sell their products online and you get paid a commission each time you make a sale this industry is Large.

According to Google, The Market Value of Affiliate Marketing Exceeds $17 Billion. Affiliate marketing has become a successful business worth more than $17 billion (as of 2023). This is a big increase from $13 billion in 2016. The future also looks bright for affiliate marketing.

See Some People Who Took Advantage Of this Affiliate Marketing Business

Mary Made ₦100K + In A Week

Njideka Made ₦700k+ In a Week

Chidinma Did Over 900K in A Week

Kayode Did ₦200K + In A Week

Precious Did ₦600K + In A Week

Princess Oma Made 1.3 Million In A Week

Joshua Made1.1 Million In 7 Days

Joshua Did It Again

Many Nigerians were unaware of how to use affiliate marketing to make money online.

I Got to Realize that It will Become Witchcraft If I Continue Making Lots Of Money From This Affiliate Marketing business And Fail To Share With Others To Help Them Earn For Themselves Cause Personally I Find Joy Putting Smile On People’s Face

So I Started Thinking What can I do to help People Who Are Completely New To This Online Space to start making money as soon as possible?

At This Point, I Got The Inspiration To Create A System That Will Help And Teach Others How To Earn Money Online Using Your smartphone And WhatsApp

This Lead Me To The Creation Of The OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR


The Optimum income Generator Is A Money-Making Machine Program That Will Teach You How To Earn At Least ₦350,000 Per Month Online Using Only Your Smartphone.

All You Need Is

An Affiliate Account, Access To The OIG Course And Internet Connection

What you Will Access in the OIG COURSE 

➽ How To Monetize Your Smartphone / Basics Of Affiliate Marketing. ($99.9)
➽ WhatsApp marketing. ($55)
➽ Complete Funneling Automations. ($50)
➽ Full Google Training. ($140.9)
➽ Full Facebook Leads Generation Training. ($60)
➽ TikTok Blueprint. ($68.9)
➽ Email Marketing ($71)
➽ Twitter Monetization Blueprint ($49.9)
➽ OBS & Streamyard Blueprint ($31)
➽ Content Creation & Monetization ($50)
➽ SMS Marketing ($20)
➽ Science Of Sales Closing ($25)
➽ Simple Organic Traffic Secrets + Leads Monetization
➽ Full WhatsApp Automation With Autoresponder and Tasker and AutoSave Contact. ($170/30 Days)
➽ How to sell with a webinar ($39)
➽ Sales Closing And Offer Creation. ($190)
➽ How To Design A Website ($49)
➽ How To Get A Domain & Webhosting ($0)
➽ How To Sign Up On All Affiliate Platforms and Understand them. ($0)
➽ Access to A Active support Group.
➽ Live session Every Saturday Night.
➽ Access to premium versions of autoresponder and Tasker. ($88/month)



But You Won’t Pay That Amount

If that sounds expensive, consider that people pay as much as N2m or more for master’s degrees or certifications that will only add N100k or N200k to their monthly income.

I understand that what people require is something that deposits real money into their bank accounts as soon as possible.

Even if I charged N300,000 for this OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR, it would still be worth it, but I will not do so.

So, a program that can help you earn up to N300,000 per month in a shorter period of time should be worth more than that.

However, you will not be paying anything close to N2M, N200K, or even N100K.

So, Here Is the Deal:

The retail price for the OPTIMUM INCOME GENERATOR is ₦25,000 only.

Since this is a one time investment, let’s divide that by 365 which is the number of days in a year.

That gives us ₦68 a day.

If you can’t afford to invest ₦68 a day on a program that is most likely to improve your income, then I wonder what you are spending your money on.

REGISTER – ₦25,000


This offer will not be available again in 10 Days Time NOTE: Price Goes Up To 80,000 in 10 Days Time

Lets See Some Reviews About My Mentorship And What People Have To Say


This offer will not be available again in 10 Days Time NOTE: Price Goes Up To 80,000 in 10 Days Time

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