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The $500-$2000 Online Business Blueprint.

This works even if you’ve never earned anything online before, even if you’ve failed at all your previous business, even if nobody believes in you…
In the last 6-months, I’ve helped 100s of beginners (regular people from different walks of life… students, unemployed graduates, under-paid employees, frustrated youths … etc) with zero experience of earning online go from zero to $500, $1,000, $2,000+ monthly.
Today, they have a life they (and their loved ones) can be proud of.
And I want to show you how you can also start making money every month to start living your dream life, take good care of your loved ones, and travel the world…
Just like these guys have done for themselves…
Here’s Michael, a complete newbie who went from struggling financially to being able to make 645k within 7 days Don’t forget that 645k in a week is 2.58M in a month. Imagine making that amount for yourself monthly as a newbie, how would it change your life? But there’s more…
Then there’s Dennis who made 800k in a single week. Do that consistently for 4 weeks then you find yourself earning 3.2 million naira monthly.
Here’s what Julian has to say after making 165k in a week
Here’s Queenie Mfonma who made over 210k in just 7 days doing this online business model, I will be showing today.
Then there’s Emmanuel who makes an average of 227k weekly. That’s An average of 908k monthly And an average of 10 million naira monthly.
$1000 plus made in 45 days.
$500 made in less than 30 days
N120k made in one week while writing exams
195k made in one week
Even a 15-year-old is earning money weekly using this 3-SECRET BLUEPRINT
Dear friend,

What If you had a simple blueprint that helped you set up an online business that helps you earn $2000 monthly?

…. you wouldn’t waste your time looking for jobs that pay you N10,000N20,000…. N50,000 Naira… per month, would you?

… You wouldn’t have to beg friends and family for urgent funds anymore, would you?

…And you wouldn’t have to feel like a failure due to not being able to take care of your loved ones or meet your financial needs right?

That’s why…

Today, I’m going to show you how to..

Make your First $2,000…

By helping you set up an online business that helps you earn in dollars from the comfort of your home.

You’ll also learn about the BIG 3-SECRET BLUEPRINT that can help you succeed fast in this business

PLUS, I’ll show you
How you can take your first step today on this lucrative business that can pay you anywhere between $10,000 – $80,000 a year in commission.
But first, here’s something curious:

On Friday the 9th of June, 2023. The Nigerian Government announced that they will be floating the naira… To allow for a free float of the national currency against the dollar and other global currencies.

Within the first week of making this announcement, the naira fell to $/700 and it kept on falling.

As of today, the naira is over N1000 to a dollar.

For millions of Nigerians, that’s bad news.

The cost of living will increase, and most people will be unable to keep up financially, no matter how hardworking they are.

On the other hand, there are those who have found a way.

Nigerians who couldn’t care less how many times CBN devalues the Naira.

Simply because they earn in dollars, and they’re in a class of their own.

The more the Naira is devalued, the better for them.

Take Michael for example, he went from a complete newbie to making $15,000 in 3 months. That’s $5000 monthly. And over 5 million in naira
There’s also Julian who made over 300k in just one week…
Or Mubarak who moved from earning a 12k salary to earning 6 figures monthly in less than 30 days
Then there’s Prisca, who was on the verge of going bankrupt and running out of business till she discovered this online business model and moved from a struggling crayfish seller to now making 6 to 7 figures monthly.
Or what about Karismata Okafor? A frustrated school teacher who earns peanuts monthly then discovered this online business model and was able to triple her monthly income in less than 30 days
And there’s faith… After spending thousands of her hard-earned naira on courses that promise heaven and earth but deliver nothing. She finally discovered this online business model and made over N500k in her first week of implementing this online business.
There’s also Grace made over 142k in a single week. Don’t forget 142k in a week is 568k in a single month…and if you calculate that by 12 months which is a year… that would be over 6.7M. Imagine making 6.7M yearly for yourself
Nanya went from a struggling lady after losing her dad to making so much money and being able to spend over 400k to buy herself an iPhone 11 pro max.

Imagine moving from earning 4,250 naira weekly to now earning over 200k weekly in less than 6 months.

That’s over a 200% increase monthly.

You think it’s impossible?


That’s exactly what happened to Micheal.

Micheal went from 17k monthly to making over 200k weekly

Now, understand that they all started from scratch.

With Zero experience, yet, here they are…

Making a fortune for themselves.

And you can do the same, using what I’ll show you.

Like Micheal…

You can make as much as $5,000 in commission every month… even if you’re just starting out as a beginner in this online business model I will help you set up.

All you have to do is…

Just Follow The Simple Steps

Outlined in The $500-$2000 Online business blueprint

Just that.

Nothing more.

And you’re well on your way to earning a $10000 – $100,000 per year…

And lots, lots more…

(If you want to see more testimonials, you can scroll down)

So I guess what I’m trying to say is…

If you’re interested in having the monthly income and lifestyle freedom that comes with making money inline

I’m confident I can help you.

In a minute, I’ll tell you what the 3-secret blueprint is…

Why it’s so lucrative

How you can harness it to make more money for yourself.

And how you can take your very first step today…

On the path to earning $500 to $2000+ monthly

Making enough money to live your life how you want it…

As well as supporting your loved ones whenever the need arises.

But first, let me introduce myself…
My name is Osimen Martins
And I’m fortunate to be considered one of the best coaches in my industry today..

I’ve worked with some of the best in the game…

And I know almost everyone who matters in our industry

But it wasn’t always like that…

Few years ago,

I was in over 5 million naira debt.

A business I was running then, just collapsed and I had a lot of investors I needed to pay.

Investors were calling me left and right, threatening me and my family.

Saying all sorts of words to me.

I was so depressed

So I started looking for a way to back the debts.

That’s when I discovered this online business I want to help you Set-Up today.

This online business helps me pay back that debt and fund my current lifestyle.

Fast-forward today…

I’m making more than enough money…

To live my life exactly how I want it.

Plus, I’ve grown to the point where:

I now have a pretty huge following online … with over 10,000 people following/studying my work across worldwide…

This shows that no matter your financial crisis, this 3-secrets blueprint will help you.

As long as you’re ready to follow simple instructions and put in the work.

So just what is this online business you want to help me set up all about?


I can sum it up pretty easily:

It is …..

The easiest way to make money online.

It’s built on something called The Skill Of Influential recommendation.

That is your ability to find people’s pain points and recommend a solution to their pain points.

It’s simply me … talking to you …

About a product or opportunity that I know can help you solve your pain point…

And now . . .

I want you to get that product and solve that problem you’re currently dealing with,

And in return, I get rewarded with money.

Imagine making between $500 to $2000 plus monthly

Simply because you’re helping people solve a pressing problem that keeps them up at night.

And lots, lots more…

Here’s why I believe this is the best business for anyone looking to earn online should start with:
like most of these guys did…

It takes you just a few hours every day to do this yet, you’ll be in a position of financial power where…

You never have to kiss anybody’s ass for money again

Best part?

You can earn your living Anywhere as long as you can get your hands on a laptop (or a smartphone) and internet connection.

Take me for example:

I can do my thing on a boat, from my kitchen, my living room, my backyard, and probably, even on the moon.

And I still get paid massively for it.

The funny thing about this is…

You’re already using this skill, just that you’re not getting paid for it.


Let me tell you.

Have you ever recommended a product or service to anyone before?

Maybe a friend or family member was looking for where to get the best gadget and you took them to where they can get it and they bought.

Or someone was looking for the best restaurants in your area and you took them to where to get the best food…

And so on.

Do you know you’re supposed to get paid for each of these recommendations?

But you did not.

That’s why today, I want to show you exactly how you can get paid by recommending useful products to those who need them.

I will be sending you everything you need to be successful in this business and help you get started.

And there’s never been a higher demand for people with this skill right now.

The world is fast changing (no thanks to the negative economic impact of COVID-19)… More and more businesses are getting aggressive with digital marketing.

More businesses are trying to explore the internet to make more sales and give them customers.

Businesses don’t just want to keep up with the competition, they want to dominate.

And to do this…

They need an endless supply of Affiliate marketers to consistently help them generate sales every month promoting their business to millions of potential customers.

And that’s where you come in.

But it is not enough to know that there’s a crazy demand right now for new Affiliate marketers in the evergreen Digital marketing industry.
….and more.
This new program is called:

Automated Income Machine Training Program

What’s that?
It’s a complete step-by-step on how to go from ZERO to quickly making your first $500 in the next 30 days or less. With the AIM program, will show you step by step how to Setup this online business in no time and be in the league of super affiliates that makes 7 figures monthly.
Here’s what Nkechi has to say about the A.I.M program…

Rejoice became a millionaire at age 17 within 4months of implementing the secret strategy you’re about to get access to in the AIM program…


This same secret I will be revealing to you to here today made a 17 years old a millionaire.

Michael went extremely aggressive with implementing the secret in the AIM course and was able to make his first 800k in 24hrs AS A COMPLETE NEWBIE!!!!

And so many other people are making more than they dreamed they could make in 5 years in a month with the help of the A.I.M course

Such as…

So what are the things you’ll get inside the AIM course?
3-months access to my inner circle group chat for FREE ($45,000 Value)

This inner circle is where the Hidden and best-kept secrets are kept. This inner circle is where we’ll hold you by your hand and show you step-by-step how to make money fast as an affiliate marketer.

Anytime you’re stuck, you can always drop a message in this group chat and you’ll be answered immediately

Here’s what every member of the inner circle gets

And As A Member Of Our Inner Circle, You’ll Be Able To Avoid All These… The pain and struggles of starting all by yourself
All these and more are what you’ll get as a member of AIM inner circle. After getting access to the AIM inner circle, the next thing you’ll be getting access to is the;
Millionaire Mindset Hack Blueprint (#30,000 Value)

You see mindsets, is what separate the 7 figures affiliates from the struggling affiliates.

Believe it or not, your mindset plays a crucial role in your success…

And this millionaire mindset hack Blueprint will help you change your mindset and help you think like a millionaire.

To succeed you need to first fix your mindset and this will help you do just that.

The next thing on the list of what you’ll get when you get the A.I.M course is

A one-year PromptEarn FREE account (Access to lots of products and tips
on hot products that sell very easy) (#5,000 Value)

If you check all the testimonials you see above, you’ll notice one common word that keeps coming up in all testimonials which is PromptEarn.

So what exactly is PromptEarn and why are all these millionaires talking about it?


Promptearn is one of the fastest money-making platforms in Nigeria currently.

To succeed in this online busines, you’ll need an account on PromptEarn.

PromptEarn is where the majority of your transactions will be taking place.

It is where you get access to all the hot-selling products that sells easily and offer high commissions.

PromptEarn saves you the stress of looking for where to get hot-selling products or start fighting for your commissions.

Here’s more of what people are saying about PromptEarn…
Victor started making money a day after getting the AIM course and his PromptEarn account
PromptEarn has made so many people a millionaire and you can become one of them, like Timothy who became a millionaire within 4 months of getting started, using just his smartphone.
Peter became a millionaire in just a few months of creating his PromptEarn account.
Simeon went from being broke to making almost 300k within a short period of time with PromptEarn.
Simeon Nakpodia, who’s still in 200l and just 19 years old has been able to make over $5,000 in no time on PromptEarn.

This further shows that no matter

who you are

Where you are

Or What your condition is…

IF you’re dedicated and implement everything you learn from the A.I.M course, you’ll be printing money on PromptEarn in no time

Emmanuel has been the fight against sapa by earning 227k weekly on PromptEarn.
Don’t you want to fight Sapa like Emmanuel?


There’s Daniel, who went from being a struggling affiliate for 2 good years to making his first $130 in a month on PromptEarn, after implementing the secret strategy in the AIM course!

To own a PromptEarn account, you’ll have to pay an annual fee of N5,000 but you’ll be getting a one-year free access to PromptEarn when you get the A.I.M program.

But there’s more to what you’re geeting inside the A.I.M course.

The Sales Funnel and Automation masterclass plus WhatsApp Marketing Secret Strategies (#75,700 Value)

This is also among some of the things you’ll be getting once you join the A.I.M course.

You’ll discover how to turn your WhatsApp account from a cruise-catching tool to a money-generating tool.

Best part, you’ll be taught how to automate the entire process so that you can make money whether you’re online or not whether you’re awake or sleeping.

Instant Facebook & Google Hack (#90,000 Value)

As a member of the A.I.M course, you’ll also be getting a master class on how to leverage Facebook and Google to attract buyers nonstop

The majority of the people that will buy from you are on Facebook, and we’ll show you how to fish them out and get them to buy from you.

But it won’t be Facebook alone, we’re also going to show you how to leverage Google to get buyers.

The Content writing and copywriting Masterclass plus FREE access to alot of copy and paste scripts (#65,000 Value)

You’ll get access to copy and paste scripts that my students and I have use to generate millions as an affiliate.

All you have to do is to just copy these skills and start making money.

These scripts is one of the major reasons a lot of people who joined the A.I.M course are able to go from 0 to $500 a month in less than 30 days.

And another thing you’ll also be getting as a member of the A.I.M course is…

If you check all the testimonials you see above, you’ll notice one common word that keeps coming up in all testimonials which is PromptEarn.

So what exactly is PromptEarn and why are all these millionaires talking about it?


Promptearn is one of the fastest affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria currently.

To succeed in this online busines, you’ll need an account on PromptEarn.

PromptEarn is where the majority of your transactions will be taking place.

It is where you get access to all the hot-selling products that sells easily and offer high commissions.

PromptEarn saves you the stress of looking for where to get hot-selling products or start fighting for your commissions.

Linkedlin Client Acquisition Blueprint (#45,000 Value)

When you join the A.I.M course, you’ll also learn how to attract buyers from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is where the heavy buyers are, and we’ll be showing how to attract these guys and get them to buy from you

Here’s the total of everything you’ll be getting inside the A.I.M course:
Now if you’re to get all these separately, you’ll be spending a total of #355,700
But as a member of the A.I.M course, you’ll get everything and more without spending half of that amount.
So let me ask you a question;

If the A.I.M course finally:

Help you rent a nice & very comfortable house of like 500k-1M yearly and

Help you furnish the house.. Would it be worth it?

Help you buy a new car / pay your debt of millions… Would It Be Worth It?

Give You a monthly income of 100k. Would it Be Worth It?

If yes,

How much will you be willing to invest to get such a life?

How much will you be willing to invest to learn how to consistently earn $500 – $2000 monthly?

How much will you be willing to invest to live a life of peace, comfort and freedom from financial worries?

How much would you be willing to invest to always be there to support your loved ones and finally gain the respect of your family and friends?





Well, I’m glad to tell you, you won’t be paying anything close to that.

You won’t be paying 50k to join the A.I.M program.

So how much do you have to invest?

Well, you can get started today for just N15,000


With a one-time payment of N15,000, you’ll get lifetime access to everything inside the A.I.M course.

All you have to do is click the link below to make payment and you’ll get access to everything inside the A.I.M course immediately.

Now, I have something for the Fast Action taker.

If you make your payment between now and the next 72 hours,

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When You Make Payment between now and the next 24 hours,

you’ll also get …

Now here's everything you'll be getting inside the AIM course if you make payment now:

Plus these additional bonuses:

All for just N15,000.

Make sense?


As long as your goal is to become a 7 figure Affilitae…

And you understand that Affiliate marketing is more than what people claims it is,

But is a business that will serve you for life…

Then you’re good to go.

Before you leave this page…

There’s one more thing I’d like to say…

You see, before I discovered Affiliate marketing (… and started making money with it…)

A lot of people didn’t take me seriously …. And almost everyone who knew me felt like I was wasting my life away…

If you’ve ever been ridiculed because “you don’t have money” … because you don’t have a job… or because you’re still “sitting” in your parent’s house…

Then you know it’s a position nobody wants to be in

My story is fairly consistent with the story of many of my students who once struggled (and were once ridiculed…)

But are now making thousands of dollars every month in Affiliate marketing.

Today, we have an earning capacity (and lifestyle freedom) most people can only dream of…

All because we made a decision to change our story.

Anyway, my guess is…

You didn’t get to this page by coincidence…

On one hand…

Maybe you were just curious to see what you’ll find here

But on the other hand…

It’s possible you’re here because …

Something in you keeps saying you deserve better, that you can have a better life, and that…

The Last Chapter of Your Life …Has Not Been Written Yet

That you can prove the naysayers wrong

Everyone who now doubts and ridicules you…

Even treating you with disrespect …

Simply because things don’t seem to be going well for you just yet (and they think you have nothing to offer…)

But that voice keeps telling you things can get better

That same voice brought you here today…

And if you’re the kind of person I think you are..

Fed up of where you are now…

And ready to change your story for good

I want to tell you you’re on the right track

This stuff changed my life. (I have no idea where I’d be today if I didn’t discover Affiliate marketing).

I’m confident it can do the same (even more) for you

And if you take advantage of everything I’m putting at your disposal today…

It won’t be long until you look back and realize you have a completely new level of personal income and lifestyle freedom…

And the easiest way to make that dream possible is to click the link below to get the A.I.M course.

The price will increase to 25k soon.