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Dear friend, 

This is more like a way you can start plugging money from a tree. 

But in this case, the tree here is your phone

If you have an Android phone and you can spell your name 

Then this system of publishing on Amazon or Kobo will work for you. 

In a moment, I will tell you what this system is all about. 

But before then, this is GIDEON, a secondary school teacher in Osun state who wasn't paid for 3 months by the state government, who also embraced this system and recently wrote to me.

Also, CHUMZY is an NYSC corp member serving in Lagos state who after 1 month of following my strategy made $227.

Not forgetting IRENE, a stay-at-home mum who could barely pay her bills also use the same strategy to make money monthly

So if you are reading this now, I would say a big congratulations to you. 


It's simply because with just this strategy you can be able to 

  • Gain Mastery to publishing books on Amazon or Kobo 

  • Earn in dollars or Euro, at the time of this writing, one dollar equals ₦911 and one Euro equals ₦1070

  • Settle your bills effortlessly 

  • Turn your smartphone or laptop into a cash breathing machine 

I understand probably by now you are worried that you don't have a writing skill

But what if you have the process Automated for you 

Without having to do any brainstorming before writing and publishing on Amazon or Kobo

Using the Automated Method you can replicate same result like mine within 60 days

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The best aspect is that,

Unlike Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon 

Your books can be published on Kobo. 

"Kobo writing life" is a self-publishing company 

Also, the second biggest publishing platform in the world 

When you choose to publish on Kobo, 

you are making it available to millions of readers, in over 200 countries 

And the citizens of these countries get to see the books. 

Your book will be seen by over 300 million people or more in no distant time. 

And you can also earn as much as 70% royalty payments on your books 


  • Rakuten (Japan) 

  • American booksellers Association (Indie bookstores) US

  • Independent bookstores (New Zealand) 

  • Angus and Robertson (Australia) 

  • FNAC (France) e.t.c 

Now imagine how much you can make when you have your books available in these retail stores (both online and offline store) 

And there is no limit to any amount you can make as long as you are willing to learn and implement


Enemuwa Godwin Chiemerie is a tutor, solopreneur, and a writer passionate about growth

Who has trained over 398 students as regards to business and to publishing books on Amazon Kdp and other platforms 

Having been in the kdp business for a while now including teaching his students doing several figures each month

He has discovered a mechanism that works of which he created the Amazon kdp AIG to solve the financial needs of people, newbies struggling to make sales on Amazon and Kobo 

including those who want to build a profitable passive income business, this program gets you covered as long as you have a smartphone or laptop. 

See some of the comments made about me 👇

Chinaza Favour


Coach Godwin was so gracious to give out this information at a very affordable price

This is the best online tutor I have gotten so far, I mean the way he explains everything is mind blowing.

Thank you very much, God bless you for all you do.

Oma Jennifer


Godwin advice is top notch and knowledgeable. he is very much available to tend to my questions and complaints

He took me along and ensures i do the right thing, he has encouraged me to never give up, to always stay consistent and work wise

And to crown it all, he don't discriminate, be you whoever.

Chukwuemeka Donald


I want to specifically thank Godwin for all his coaching, guidelines and tips you gave to me, 

which I used in my kdp business and it legitimately transformed my life for good...

God bless you and give you more wisdom.


Below is everything you would get inside this program once you start today


✅ Overview of what you should know about Amazon KDP 

✅ Common mistakes you should avoid 

✅ Secret to staying safe on Amazon 

✅ Installing the necessary extensions, apps and other tools needed 

✅ KDP account navigation with your device


✅ Important facts about evergreen books 

✅ Highly profitable evergreen niches to work with for profitability 

✅Content creation with better tools and websites 

✅ Getting the right title and subtitle that sells 

✅ Research on profitable Keywords using the right website for easy research 

✅ Book formatting with the best tool for easy writing


✅ How to design an eye catching book covers and paperback before publishing 

✅ Getting the right pricing and pen names for your books 

✅ Technique to Crafting out the right description that sells

✅ Adding more profitable categories


✅Overview of trend models 

✅ Secret to exploding websites to generate topics 

✅ Staying safe with trends 

✅ Book formatting with the right technique 

✅ Getting the right Keywords for each trend topic before publishing


✅ Introduction to Kobo writing life 

✅ Kobo account creation and staying safe on kobo 

✅ Secret technique to writing books that guarantee sales

✅ Exposure to more profitable niches 

✅ How to successfully publish your book on kobo without getting banned


✅ Introduction to cookbooks and travel guides 

✅ Getting the right topics without any prior cooking experience 

✅ Interesting topics on travel guides that sells 

✅ Keywords research and book creation 

✅ Designing catchy book cover and paperback that sells 

✅ Publishing


✅ 24/7 dedicated lifetime mentorship (both WhatsApp and telegram) to guide you until you make your very first dollar In a shortest possible time (priceless) 

✅ Access to session on keyword Mastery, Crafting book titles, subtitle and description that sells (Value at ₦25,000)

✅ Cash prize to the best student of the month 

✅ Access to my done for you profitable titles and subtitles you need before you start writing your books (Value at ₦10,000)

✅ Access to an AI (artificial intelligence) that helps you to generate book contents and other hidden A.Is for easy writing (Value at ₦16,000)

✅ Access to Canva premium to get unlimited templates for your designs (Value at ₦30,000)

✅ Access to Quillbot premium paraphraser for both smartphones and laptop (value at ₦20,000)

✅ Removing the 30% tax fee without calling the IRS even as a non US citizen (priceless) 

✅ Access to premium websites to get contents for your books and pen names (value at ₦15000)

✅ Access to one on one personal mentorship from me to make sure you start seeing result in a shortest possible time (Value at ₦100,000)

Generally, The value of all this worth over ₦216,000

But guess what, you don't even need to break your bank to pay up to ₦216,000

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you will equally be updated to every new information made in this program as time proceeds 

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Not just that, as you need not to worry you also have a 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

But only on the condition you purchase this program  and implement everything in it and you don't make money in 60 days, 

you will get your complete money back.

But there is no way you won't make money if you take this business serious.


How reliable are Kobo and Amazon Kdp?

Yes, Amazon KDP and Kobo publishing is a very reliable source of online income with self-publishers making thousands of dollars every month. But to find success you need to learn how to make quality books that will sell. 

Do I need writing skills before I start earning?

No, you can start earning in dollars through Amazon Kdp or Kobo even if you are not a writer, you can agree with me that you learnt how to walk, talk or type e.t.c so you will be taught all the right procedure and strategy to write and earn monthly. 

Does it require much time to earn?

2-3 hours of your time daily is okay for you to learn and implement effectively, so it doesn't necessarily mean that you will have to spend your entire day for this program 

Do I need to advertise or refer anyone before I earn?

No, you don't need to refer or advertise to anyone before you can earn. 

Will you guide me if I start?

Yes, you will have access to my community, where me and other top KDP personalities online will be available to take your questions and guide you to achieving your result. 

How long does it take to start earning?

It can take a newbie anywhere from a few week to start earning from publishing quality books, but understand that result may vary as there are number of factors that can affect how long it takes, however if you decide to follow all the instructions in this program you will start earning more better within 60 days

Can I do this with any device?

Yes, this program has been specifically created for all devices, both for laptops, ios, Android and others. 

Does it require another payment after I have paid for this program?

No, you don't need to and moreover it is a one time payment. 

ROBERT KIYOSAKI once said people are poor and broke not because they lack money, 

but because they lack FINANCIAL EDUCATION.

If you decide to start today with this program 

In no distant time You can literally transform your life  with the knowledge you will acquire overtime. 

Please understand that result varies

Your results depend solely on some factors, your effort, willingness to learn and implement e.t.c 

But not limited to your status, background, ethnicity, work e.t.c

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