Frequently Asked

PromptEarn is a digital marketplace for the sale of high value and best selling digital and physical products. The people who make up the PromptEarn system are;

The affiliates: these are skilled marketers who promote and recommend products to people. They earn a commission on each sale they make.

The vendors: these are the people who own the products that are being sold on the platform.

The buyers: these are the people who buy the products that are being sold on the PromptEarn marketplace.
To become an affiliate, you need to pay a yearly fee of ₦5,000 to be able to create an account. Click here to register
To become a vendor, you need to read the terms and conditions first.

After reading the terms and conditions and you are satisfied with it, you can then proceed to send an email containing the details of your product to for approval,

Click here to see the list of details to send. Afterwards, our team would review and vet your listing application, to decide if it meets our stands. The process usually takes 2-5 working days.

Please note that we only approve listings for vendors with high quality products. Got more vendor related questions? Send an email to
Yes, you can earn in dollars and other foreign currencies on PromptEarn, when you sell to people living in diaspora.
PromptEarn is an online platform where you get to earn and learn. We have an online marketplace for affiliates, vendors and massive buyers.

PromptEarn allows affiliate marketers to earn money by recommending hot and easy to sell products to customers and also giving additional bonuses and gift to best seller.

The vendor refers to the person who owns the product that is been sold. Affiliates are marketers who recommend the products on the platform to people and when any of the people they refer buys, they get a commission. Customers are simply those who purchase the products being sold on Promptearn

All you have to do is use the unique link of each product that our system provide

Our highly effective tracking system ensures that you are compensated for the sales you refer.
All products on Promptearn have gone through rigorious quality checks. We only list high quality products on PromptEarn. Rest assured that any product purchased from our platform would deliver excellently
Yes, as soon as your payment is confirmed you'd be redirected to your PromptEarn account
Yes, people who don't live in Nigeria can create Promptearn accounts from their respective locations. We currently have over 14,571 Affiliates on Promptearn from different parts of the world.